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Jeremy Johnson is a fine art photographer specializing in unique, expressive landscapes and waterscapes. Born in 1982 in Santa Clara, California, Jeremy Johnson started out as a young child drawing and painting. It was obvious that art would be a passion he would possess throughout his life. Having no formal training in photography, Jeremy drew inspiration from master photographers whose worked he liked. 


“I started out in photography by teaching myself the basic camera fundamentals. I'd study composition and exposure techniques on my own.  I believe being an oil painter for all those years  really helped me when it came time to finding compositions.  Just like an oil painting, I like to create dramatic, vivid images. Photography was something that just came natural to me.  I never felt lost while holding a camera.”  


Jeremy’s photography finds a unique way of unfolding a delicate balance of color, texture, imagination and technique to evoke drama and emotion. Jeremy’s fine art prints combine dramatic photography, intense colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of the world around us. Using high end camera equipment, Jeremy is able to capture the subtle details of the natural world and transfer them to large prints with amazing color and detail.

“When I'm out photographing I try not to think about it really,  I just do it. My eyes are always drawn to the ever changing light. I love how the landscape is constantly changing.  When I'm out in the field I know just over the horizon  there could be something pretty amazing that I haven't seen before, that's what motivates me.” 


Jeremy now resides in the Eastern Sierras of Northern California. Thanks to the internet his popularity is rapidly growing with a steady fan base in all parts of the world. You might be able to catch Jeremy in a local coffee shop with a cup of coffee and a photography magazine. If you see him around stop and say “Hi.” Jeremy loves to hear from those who know of his work.

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